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Jul20th 2021

Boxing For Balance

Did You Know Boxing Could Help You Improve Your Balance? ​Balance is a big deal in our everyday world, but we take it for granted. Just think how long it took you to master walking, running, and jumping as a child.  Your balance system is incredibly complex, and allows you to walk around over steps,

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Get Moving with Ease Once Again May20th 2021

Get Moving Again! These 5 Tips Can Help You Live an Active Life

Ready to get moving and have an active life? We can help! Getting active can be intimidating. With thousands of exercise programs out there, it’s hard to figure out which one is right for you. According to PT in Motion News, 80 percent of Americans aren’t meeting physical activity guidelines set forth by the US

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Opioids Apr20th 2021

Stop Your Opioid Use Once and For All with Physical Therapy

Did You Know Physical Therapy Could Decrease the Need for Opioids? If you’ve been struggling with serious pain problems for a while, and you’ve gotten little to no relief from over-the-counter painkillers, your doctor may want to prescribe an opioid to control that pain. But as tempting as it might be to numb yourself with

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