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Dec10th 2021

You Can Do A Lot for Yourself by Participating in PT Both Before and After Surgery!

Surgery can be very painful and traumatic for the body to go through, so it’s typically only performed when there are simply no other choices available. If surgery is in the immediate future, you might have already addressed a post-operative physical therapy appointment with your doctor.

It is incredibly normal (and highly recommended!) to see a physical therapist during rehabilitation. Without the aid of a physical therapist, it can be impossible to get back up and move on your own. It is also recommended to see a physical therapist prior to your surgery as well!

This is referred to as pre-habilitation” or “pre-hab.” Pre-hab is a method of consulting with your physical therapist to brace your body for your upcoming surgery. Pre-hab with a physical therapist has been shown to minimize recovery time and improve the overall quality and result of the surgery. It’s extremely important, and definitely something everybody can take advantage of!

Our innovative care strategies at Renew PT & Wellness will help you find quick relief. Contact our office today to talk to a physical therapist about pre-hab and how it can benefit you before your operation.

What can I expect with a pre-hab plan?

Anyone who has undergone surgery before may relate to the fact that the anticipation of the surgery can leave you feeling very nervous. However, pre-hab services may be able to put your worries to rest.

A pre-surgical recovery program can help not only to be physically prepared but also to be psychologically prepared for your imminent operation. This is a win-win scenario.

Our office will make an appointment with one of our physical therapists for you. From there, your physical therapist will do a complete evaluation of your condition, review your medical history, and provide you with an activity plan to make sure you are successful before and after your surgery.

How will pre-hab benefit me?

Pre-hab is a pretty straightforward concept to grasp, but has it been proven successful? The answer is: absolutely! According to the Arthritis Foundation, a study conducted by three universities in Boston — including Harvard — demonstrated that patients who engaged in pre-hab had much better outcomes following surgery.

You can also get out of the hospital following surgery much quicker if you have a few pre-hab sessions. A perfect example of this is seen in patients who have had knee replacement surgery. Patients who had already completed a physical therapy pre-hab program were able to meet the required discharge criteria much faster than patients who had opted out of pre-hab.

Typically, knee replacement patients may be released after walking a certain distance and ascending several sets of stairs. Patients who met with a physical therapist prior to surgery were able to fulfil these criteria much more easily than those who did not. Their bodies were simply healthier because of their physical therapy treatments!

Rehab vs. pre-hab: defined

Pre-habilitation, defined

Pre-hab can help you get a jump start on your recovery process with the help of a licensed physical therapist. It can also make your surgery more successful! Pre-hab therapy is designed to strengthen your body before your surgery. It also decreases discomfort and inflammation, so your surgeon will have an easier time completing your operation.

Think of pre-hab as an opportunity to “stock up” on your health for later. Even just having a few sessions with your therapist can set you up for better success after your surgery, so that when you’re out of the game for a while after all is said and done, you’ll have more strength to draw on.

Rehabilitation, defined

When you have surgery, it’s expected you’ll feel discomfort and pain afterwards. This pain can make you avoid moving in certain ways. You might also have to limit how much you’re moving for a while as well to make sure you’re healing properly.

However, not moving often can cause serious problems over the long term. Your body will experience inflammation and adhesions. You absolutely must move to some degree to prevent these undesirable issues.

There should be no attempts at avoiding rehab after surgery. Physical therapy can help you move safely to keep adhesions from forming and combat inflammation. Physical therapy also improves your strength, so you can return to your normal life quicker.

Get started today!

Please contact our Mobile, AL clinic today to learn more about your pre-hab choices. We’re here to make sure your surgery and recovery time is as quick and comfortable as possible.

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