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Dori Dodich, Personal Trainer

When you hire a personal trainer, you may find yourself with a trainer who just attempts to teach you quick fixes: the kind of exercise or training that will not help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight and gaining muscle can be very challenging, but Dori Dodich is the type of personal trainer who teaches permanent lifestyle changes, helping you overcome the everyday hurdles that can keep you from reaching your goals.

Dori spent nine years in the health club industry and gained vast knowledge and experience in both fitness workouts and healthy nutrition. She has now been personal training for the past four years. Her goal is to help each individual client to reach their desired goals. 

“I focus on teaching my clients how to train for life. Teaching individuals lifestyle changes is my sole goal. And nothing makes my day as much as hearing positive changes that my clients have made. It can be weight loss, taking less medication, increasing muscle strength, better mobility as well as increasing confidence.”

Dori will help you to create a personal health plan that has realistic goals for workouts that fit your needs. In addition, she can provide you with a basic meal guide while coaching you to make healthier eating choices.

In order to achieve the results, changes, and improvements that you are looking for, Dori takes specific steps. First, she will take your measurements and calculate your BMI in order to analyze your body type. Using this information, Dori will create your plan. While she gets to know you and your personal lifestyle, she will be able to help you form realistic goals and help you to alter your view on fitness. 

Dori is an avid believer in practicing realistic healthy habits that will lead you to a permanent lifestyle change, positively altering your life. “Everyone needs health, mobility, and an active lifestyle no matter what age or level you are at,” Dori explains. Sometimes people believe that their fitness level would prevent them from achieving their goals, but Dori has encouragement, “Stop procrastinating. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by improving your life. And it can be much easier and satisfactory to have the help of a trainer on your journey to a better and fitter you.”

Part of the journey is not taking yourself too seriously. Dori mentions, “Everyone has done something silly in the gym before, including myself. I’ve fallen off a treadmill before, dropped out of a bench because I didn’t lock it in properly. Of course I was embarrassed for a split second, but you have to just laugh at yourself and move on. Working out can be fun, and I look forward to my routine. So when training others, I teach them not only how to get the most benefits out of their workouts, but also how to enjoy yourself with what you are doing.”

When Dori isn’t working with her clients, she enjoys spending time with her family and boyfriend. She is an aunt to seven nieces and nephews, and she calls them her “fam jam.” Her boyfriend is always there to support, push, and encourage her to do and be better. Dori considers herself lucky to have such amazing people in her life.

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