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I want to go to Renew PT, but my healthcare provider referred me elsewhere. Can I choose my own physical therapist?

Yes! You absolutely can choose your physical therapy provider even if you have a prescription for a different physical therapist. Bring your prescription with you to your first appointment and we will take care of the rest!

What should I expect on my first visit?

During your first visit, your physical therapist will conduct a detailed medical history and examination. The therapist uses this information to get to the root of your problem and will work with you to set goals for your treatment. You should expect to be here around an hour.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring your drivers license and insurance cards and your therapy referral.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable, lose fitting clothing-something that you can exercise in.

What types of treatments do you perform?

We perform various types of treatments, and will customize a program combining the best techniques specific for your particular injury. The modalities and techniques we use include soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, electrical stimulation, stretching, therapeutic exercises, dry needling, kinsiotaping, and ice. The treatment program will be performed in a private treatment room as well as a gym setting.

Is Manual Therapy the same as chiropractic?

No. We won’t subject you to repeated “cracking” and “popping” of your joints. While this treatment method may feel good at first, it does not retrain your muscles so that the cause of your symptoms permanently goes away.

Our physical therapists begin with gentle release of your tight muscles and joints to help you feel better. Along with that, you learn customized exercises to ensure your lasting improvement. You can expect noticeable results with fewer visits.

Is Manual Therapy similar to massage?

Manual therapy uses the hands of the therapist to move muscles, bones and joints, and at times deep tissue massage is an integral part of that process.

The difference, however, is that everything done by the Renew manual therapist is designed to make changes in your muscle and joint flexibility that will last long after your treatment plan is completed—not just to make your muscles "feel bettter" on your visit. In other words, we make changes in your body's musculoskeletal system to make lasting changes that will eventually fix the things that are causing you pain.

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