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At Renew PT, the patient is our number one priority. We provide individualized treatment plans with compassionate and hands-on care. Our clinicians listen and ask questions. We do not rush patients. At Renew P.T., we provide comprehensive evaluations and encourage patient input for treatment planning and goal setting. 

It is our philosophy to provide the highest quality therapy through personalized care and education. Our approach ensures greater patient engagement and enhances treatment progression to secure the best outcomes for our patients. We believe that a patient who is involved and educated in the recovery process has the best opportunity for a full return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Renew Physiotherapy, LLC

Meet Cary Helton (PT, DPT)

Cary Helton joined the United States Navy in 1988. He proudly served in the Gulf War. Cary graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1998 with a degree in Physical Therapy. While working as a therapist, he pursued and received his doctorate in 2016. 

Cary holds extensive experience of over 18 years, working in outpatient orthopedics, hospitals and home health. He has had the privilege of meeting and treating thousands of patients from the Mobile and Baldwin County area. An avid motocrosser and a dedicated soccer dad, Cary lives on the Eastern Shore with his wife and three children. 

Meet Tara Jones

A proud native of Mobile, Alabama, Tara Jones has been in the orthopedic industry for over 20 years. During her tenure in this field, she has done everything from marketing, to office management, to building computer interfaces.

Tara firmly believes that hard work pays off! With her can do attitude and a service-oriented heart, she approaches both her life and her work with the philosophy “yes is the answer, what is the question”!  

For Tara, opening Renew Physiotherapy with her business partner and longtime friend, Dr. Cary Helton, was the natural progression of her life's journey.

Living in the Midtown Mobile area with her two wonderful children and loving life partner, Tara likes to stay healthy and enjoy time with her family. She loves challenges and regularly participates in activities like skiing, triathlons, obstacle races, and road runs. These family activities are a motivation to stay grounded and focused. Tara is highly driven by a positive attitude, and a light hearted spirit which serves her well at work every day. 

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